Atrafen Keto Gummies Reviews and 'Shark Tank' Scam, Explained

Atrafen Keto Gummies Reviews and 'Shark Tank' Scam, Explained

Atrafen Keto Gummies Reviews and \'Shark Tank\' Scam, Explained

This video is all about an Atrafen Keto Gummies scam with fake reviews that claim celebrities including the investors on "Shark Tank" and others all endorsed these supposed weight loss and detox products that can help you "melt fat fast" with "no diet or exercise." Do not fall for keto gummies scams that claim you can easily lose weight. Note that the product and scam have nothing to do with other similarly-named products, such as Atrafen capsules. Scammers appeared to be using the Atrafen name without permission.

Atrafen Keto Gummies will likely be featured online in the future with various celebrities providing reviews of the scam, as if they endorsed keto gummies for weight loss. However, no celebrities or famous people of any kind have ever endorsed any keto gummies for weight loss.

The supposed customer service and support phone number for Atrafen Keto Gummies does not exist. A phone number on a Facebook page for the product led to Hersey's Chocolate World in Las Vegas.

I first noticed this scam going around online in search results and then saw the Atrafen Keto Gummies scam.

The future scam for Atrafen Keto Gummies as well as the fake reviews will likely lead you to a product purchase page that will ask for your credit card number. Making a purchase of these products through scam websites will charge your credit card hundreds of dollars a month. The purchases from scam websites are subscriptions for monthly recurring charges. These charges might average around $2,000-$3,000 a year. In other words, you do not want to get involved in this.

I've been covering keto gummies scams for quite a while. I'm a reporter by day on another website. This is my personal YouTube channel where I make videos about scams and other subjects on nights and weekends. The Atrafen Keto Gummies pages I show in this video are simply the latest scams that scammers and affiliate marketers are using in order to try to obtain lots of money from potential victims who might not do proper research and to figuring out whether or not something is a scam.

My advice if you purchased Atrafen Keto Gummies from a scam website, that is, if calling a customer service and support number did not work, is to call your credit card company and alert them of the fact that you have been scammed. Let them know you would like to obtain a refund.