Candace Bowers Keto Diet? That's a Scam. Here's Why.

Candace Bowers Keto Diet? That's a Scam. Here's Why.

Candace Bowers Keto Diet? That\'s a Scam. Here\'s Why.

Have you seen articles online that talk about someone named Candace Bowers from Philadelphia that promotes K3 Spark Mineral or Elite Keto ACV Gummies, a weight loss pill or supplement, or some kind of CBD or keto gummies? Well, that's a scam. The woman in the pictures is not named Candace Bowers.

The woman in the picture is named Natasha Pehrson, not Candace Bowers, and her weight loss journey has nothing to do with K3 Spark Mineral, weight loss pills or supplements, CBD gummies, or keto gummies. Pehrson's image and likeness are being used completely without her permission.

Pehrson, who is not Candace Bowers of Philadelphia, did lose weight, but it was by eating right and had nothing to do with eating candy or keto gummies.

I've seen the name Candace Bowers before where it was used with the city of Philadelphia to sell various products, and it says it was her high school reunion and that's why she wanted to lose weight, and it's always a scam.

So basically, if you see the name Candace Bowers out there and it's an article that mentions Philadelphia and something about weight loss pills or supplements, K3 Spark Mineral, CBD gummies, or keto gummies, don't believe a word of it.